Southern Fried Fairytales!
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Southern Fried Fairytales is the children's theatrical arm of McGee Communications & Entertainment! 

The same folks that produce "Girls Raised in the South-GRITS: The Musical" and "Cinnamon GRITS: Christmas in the South" now bring you southern spins on classic fairytales for kids to enjoy!


Education Study Guide

Education is important to us and that's why we've created a study guide for teachers to use at anytime!  We have put together information to help teachers talk to students about the history of the story of Cinderella as well as information about the classic traditional tunes and their composers that we use in "Cindabella"!

Students will learn about:

Historical Cinderella: When was this story first told?  How many versions exist and what cultures and ethnicities have adapted the story for themselves, just like we did here!

Traditional Southern Tunes and Composers:  Why do we recognize the tunes in "Cindabella"?  Where did they come from and who wrote them?  The study guide includes information about composer Stephen Foster, where American gospel hymns originated from and how mountain music from the Appalachians made it mainstream!

It's important to know where our tales and music originated and part of what we provide is that information for the students prior to attending the show and then through entertainment we solidify that knowledge when the students are able to put the education piece with the entertainment piece.