Southern Fried Fairytales!
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Southern Fried Fairytales is the children's theatrical arm of McGee Communications & Entertainment! 

The same folks that produce "Girls Raised in the South-GRITS: The Musical" and "Cinnamon GRITS: Christmas in the South" now bring you southern spins on classic fairytales for kids to enjoy!

The Cast!

Here's a list of all the crazy characters you will see in Cindabella!

The Fisherman/Narrator - The Fisherwoman has all the answers to Cindabella's story and keeps us folks on track so we can get to the grand finale!

Cindabella - She is a pretty little filly that has it hard but she ain't never gonna give up!  Her day is a comin'!

Stepmama and Stepsissies Unice & Bertha - These three areT-R-O-U-B-L-E!  They don't like Cindabella at all and make her work the fruit farm day and night to make her delicious jam!  Life is not fair when these three are around!

Big Daddy/Big Mama- These two are one!  Literally! Big Daddy and Big Mama run the town's largest peanut plantation and make all kinds of things with the town's largest export!  The one thing they need??? A Peanut Princess for Prince Beauregard!  (Whew!  That's a mouthful!)

Prince Beauregard - The Prince has a peanut allergy, but that doesn't stop his Daddy from wanting him to run the family business! Who will be by his side?

Fairy Memaw - She's got it all!  Between her magic wand and her magic hairspray, you never know what this crazy country godmama is gonna whip up!  She takes mighty good care of Cindabella!